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The fabric stitched exoskeleton lamp where technology steals the limelight and helps to realize a poetic, graphic and customized expression. This project has been selected for Compasso d’oro



Planet lamp

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During the Karl Lagerfeld Pirelli calendar launch in Moscow, Renato Montagner, commissioned artist Scott Campbell to create two signature projects. To engrave a Ducati Diavel tire and to design a special edition bike jacket by Dainese. In the summer of 2011, Campbell began working on these pieces in his Brooklyn studio in New York.



Scott Campbell Capsule

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13_Corso Venezia 1

A new home for Pirelli’s “rubber soul”, a sign that pays homage to the city and its industrial traditions, where the “p. lunga” has strong roots that reach back for over a century.


Corso Venezia 1


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From the collaboration with Valextra, expressed in a limited-edition laptop bag, a special Virus + project has been developed: a bicycle, a Techno-tailormade™ jacket and the aforementioned bag united into a capsule where working, dressing and moving follow the same plan. The unifying elements are materials, details and colors, with intense military green contrasted by the bright orange of linings as a trademark.


Valextra x Change

Limited Edition

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15_Issey Miyake

Defining a new code made of contrasts between colors and materials, in order to have a new image representing seduction and neatness, energy and strength.


Issey Miyake

L’Eau d’Issey Sport

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Lightness and resistance are the key elements of the project: the eternal stress points when it comes to contemporary travel gear. The project result is a mix of modernist luxe and ultra-performing understatement.



Travel Collection

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17_ Dainese Leather Tattoo

‘The beauty of technology’ is the higher value of the Made in Italy, and it can be intended as the Dainese motto in order to perfectly balance functionality, safety and aesthetics, thus to establish itself as a worldwide leader.



Tattoo Leather Suit

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18_Fiat Panda Tanker

Dainese presents the first Panda Tanker concept, which stands as an all-rounder car, thanks to a new livery. This new Panda Tanker – which is presented as a prototype version – shows to be a practical and useful car, thought for all young who love to practice sport in their free time.



Panda Tanker Dainese

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The limited edition RaptusLab vases are a family of colorful textile objects, characterized by an innovative idea yet by an original design. Winner of Red Dot Design Award….



V20 Vases Limited Edition

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VirusLab is an experimental design + fashion label which contaminates the codified repertoire of men’s urban clothing using the technology and performance factor of extreme sportswear. The result is Techno-Tailormade (TTM™) items.




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21_ Dainese Ski Core Jacket

Protective thermal jacket with integrated protections. External fabric Dainese ThermoShield. Highly ventilated Wave back protector with no-shock aluminium honeycomb reinforcement and Velcro strap. Winner of Volvo Design Award.



Ski Core Jacket

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22_Dainese D-Raptor Resin Helmet

Full-face downhill helmet with fiberglass external shell, the ideal choice to obtain a resistant, lightweight structure.



D-Raptor Resin Helmet

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23_Dainese Back Shield Air

Back protector with 7/8 partially overlapping joined plates in rigid plastic material positioned along the waistline for the gratest freedom of movement. These plates in amply perforated polypropylene equipped with a built-in reticulate shock absorbing structure offer the greatest breathability and lightest weight.



Back Shield Air

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