Change Design works virally by contaminating the brands it comes in contact with, transferring knowledge and genes between different fields which are sometimes thought far from each other.

The contaminations aren’t merely material, they are also cultural. They are vital energy: the only way to give life to new concepts. Like a virus resistant to antibodies owing to its ability to change and adapt itself, the projects that incubate more contaminations from outside last longer in time.



Dainese’s vison of what a ski suit will be in the future presented at Ispo Munich. A ski suit with integrated air bag experiment new knitted protections and ergonomics cuts.



Project 001/ ISPO



The new retail format for Dainese. New stores with this format in NYC, Milano, London, Berlin, Munich, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seoul.



Worldwide Store Format



An evolution of All Weather Activity collection with a new style concept specifically designed for women looking for performance without compromise on style.



AWA winter collection 2018



Dainese Settantadue is our contemporary interpretation of the history of riding wear, the same history we contribute to write. Authentic, progressive, sophisticated, uncompromising in quality and attention to detail.


Dainese Settantadue

New Brand Art direction


01_AWA winter collection

We created for Dainese the AWA (all weather activity) line to be deliberately cross functional, perched at the intersection between the body and the enviroment.



AWA winter collection 2017

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02_ EXR Rainboot

The EXR Rainboot innovative waterproof lightweight shoes. Only 140gr injected Pylon. Fit as a sneaker totally waterpoof like rubber boots. When technology met style at affordable price. Designed with EXR R&D dept.


EXR Korea


02_ EXR Rainboot2020-01-27T15:59:56+01:00

02a EXR – The X Lab

The exhibition of ‘The X Lab’, the place to put fashion and Art in communion- unveils an art-wall project – “Before and after zero” – carried out with the Italian artist 108, together with a limited edition


EXR Korea / The X Lab

108 Artwall + Raincoat

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03_EXR Korea

The X House introduces a new shopping experience in Seoul as an ‘art atelier’, displaying diverse attempts and graphics by having combined brand, art and culture.


EXR Korea

Flagship Store Seoul

03_EXR Korea2020-01-27T16:01:07+01:00


The brand new store pays homage to the iconic designer’s fashion oeuvre displaying Vionnet’s traditional house codes as the starting point for the shop’s design, transforming them into a contemporary, minimal context.


Vionnet Paris

Flagship Store


05_EXR Cleon Peterson

“In these days, we are living in a lot of violence and aggression throughout the world. By doing works related to those issues and putting them on the street, I want to make people recognize experience, understand and formulate their own personal opinion about this social phenomenon nowadays.” Cleon Peterson


EXR Korea

Cleon Peterson Art Wall + Capsule

05_EXR Cleon Peterson2020-01-27T16:02:11+01:00

06_Womo + Bullfrog

The new concept Womo speaks a clear yet sophisticated language, whether to the male or to the female universe, and it represents an original and innovative idea as a space for the men’s care.


Womo + Bullfrog

Store Concept

06_Womo + Bullfrog2020-01-27T16:02:41+01:00


The evocative and technological boutique reflects the main features of the Brand: Art, forme, technique. The stores seem to be a sum of high-tech elegance, where walls, ceiling, and every displaying element come from the automotive language, creating brand new spaces.



Lifestyle Boutiques


08_Italia Independent

Made in Italy, style and originality are the key words for I.I. retail philosophy, that is emphasized on the Brand motto ‘Being independent means writing your own story every day’, which finds a place in every single location.


Italia Independent

Stores Concept

08_Italia Independent2020-01-27T16:03:46+01:00

09_ EXR Seoul Korea

The re-branding of the Seoul based sportswear brand, started mixing standard elements with innovative features. ‘Excelerate your style’ became the Brand’s claim, enhancing the affinity with the motorsport world and its attention to Dynamic sports and urban city lifestyle


EXR Korea

Art Direction + Rebranding

09_ EXR Seoul Korea2020-01-27T16:04:17+01:00

10_Mumm Reims France

MUMM 3D, an innovative package which highlights “Tradition and Innovation”, the duality at the heart of the Maison Mumm, is also the secret of Cordon Rouge, a subtle balance between freshness and intensity.


Mumm Reims France

Champagne Pack

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